ZRP Gates Redline Belt - RZR

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The Gates Redline Belt is the best of the best when it comes to CVT belts. It was designed with high horsepower and extreme riding conditions in mind. We have been testing it personally on shop vehicles and it continues to impress us with better performance and longer life than OEM belts. These Belts also come with a 1 Year warranty!

  • Greater heat resistance and recovery, even under severe duty cycles.
  • Optimized, patented EE compound maximizes axial stiffness enabling belts to run at higher continuous torques or loads. 
  • Innovative design results in better acceleration, higher top speeds, less speed ratio and energy loss in extreme off-road environments.
  • Improved durability, crack and wear-resistance means a longer-lasting, high-performance power transmission belt for the most demanding applications.

This Model 50R4289 is designed to fit the Turbo S, Pro-XP, XP Turbo, and RS1 and replaces stock belt #3211202