ZRP Can Am X3 Radius Rod Dog Bones 3/4" - Set of 3

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Can-Am Radius Rod Dog Bones 3/4"

Nobody likes a loose rear end!! Our all-new radius rod dog bones act as a rear bulkhead gusset, and misalignment spacers for all Can-Am X3 radius rods with 3/4" rod ends.

They include the following features:

  • CNC machined, in house from 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel.

  • Strengthens up your rear bulkhead.

  • Replaces (6) misalignment spacers from 3/4" rod ends to the bulkhead.

Note - These do not fit ZRP radius rods. You will need the 5/8" version of this product for ZRP High Clearance Radius Rods for the Can Am

Do you have a Can-Am X3 that's feeling a little loose? Yeah, we thought so. Looseness in the back end can lead to some pretty nasty issues (especially when on a ride). That's why we at Can-Am Radius Rod Dog Bones 3/4" - Set of 3 are so proud of what our product does. The construction is all CNC machined and made in our in-house from 17-4 stainless steel. It's designed to replace your previous six misalignment spacers with bulkhead connection that you had been using. This means your rear bulkhead will now be supported more than ever before!