CT Race Worx Wide Series Spherical Bearing WSSX 3/4" Uniball

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Upgrade your vehicle's suspension with the Wide Series Spherical Bearing WSSX 3/4" Uniball. Designed for superior performance and durability, this high-quality uniball bearing delivers exceptional articulation and control on any terrain. Crafted with precision and engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures, the WSSX 3/4" Uniball offers enhanced suspension geometry and improved handling capabilities. Its wide series design ensures maximum strength and reliability, making it an ideal choice for racing, off-roading, or heavy-duty applications. Experience the next level of suspension performance with the Wide Series Spherical Bearing WSSX 3/4" Uniball and conquer any terrain with confidence.

They're made from heat-treated stainless steel with a PTFE liner for durability. FK's self-lubricating PTFE liners are chemically bonded to the inner diameter's race, offering a high load-carrying capacity with increased dynamic wear characteristics.

  • Model: WSSX12T
  • Fit: F1
  • Receiver Race Diameter: 1.3750 in.
  • Race Width: 0.630 in.
  • Inner Ball Width: 0.875 in.
  • Inner Ball Diameter: 0.7500 in.
  • Rod End Ball Diameter: 1.250 in.
  • Rod End Misalign Angle: 13 degrees
  • Static Radial Load Capacity: 26,200 lbs.
  • Sold Individuall
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