Tensor DSR 33

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Looking for the first 33” competition-legal UTV race tire? 
Introducing the Tensor Tire DSR33. Weighing in at only 39.2lbs the DSR33 is lighter than many competitor’s 32” tires. Race proven performance at a larger size for those who demand the best. 

Key Features:

Patented American Made Race Tire developed specifically for competition

- Proprietary nylon bias ply with fiberglass belted construction saves weight over steel

- Decreased weight unleashes all of the available horsepower from your machine

- Evolved closed tread pattern reduces drivetrain strain without reducing traction

- Superior steering response and decreased braking distance from flatter tread contact patch

- Increased number of biting edges for quicker acceleration

- Unique weight optimized ribbed protection for puncture prone upper sidewall

- 1600 lbs. load rating will support fully loaded machines

- Legal for SCORE UTV Racing

- Legal in 2020 for the BITD UTV Race Season