RPM-SxS Can Am X3 Blow Off Valve ( BOV ) Kit

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This kit takes maybe 20 minutes to install. All you have to do is swap your primary charge tube for the new silicone unit, plug in the new boost/vacuum nipple, and attach your RPM blow off valve. This kit locates your new valve behind the drivers compartment access panel so it's easy to access right behind you. As you can see from the pictures the valve is also shielded from mud and debris in this location, unlike other cheaper kits! 
There are a LOT of Chinese BOV's being used on kits, saving $5-$35 isn't worth the headache these cheap BOV's cause! Our BOV is rebuildable, has a polished piston, and comes with a no questions asked warranty directly through us.
The purpose of a BOV is not just to sound cool, but it is designed to release the pressure that is built up in the charge side of the system.  With nowhere to go, the pressure can cause turbulence to the impeller slowing the spool of the turbo down and causing premature wear.  By installing a blow off valve, you can improve boost response, prolong the life of the turbo, and of course, get that cool swoosh sound!
If you ever want to revert back to stock, we include the billet plug needed to go in place of the BOV to eliminate the BOV.
The X3's obviously have no provisions stock for a blow off valve or diverter valve on the stock turbo system so if you want to install a blow off valve on the Can-Am X3, there is no place for it!  However, with our silicone blow off valve hose that is solved!  The kit is designed to connect to the compressor side of your turbo and the plastic charge tube of the intercooler.  This  black silicone tube allows you to install our blow off valve directly to it.  Its smooth design helps eliminate any turbulence.  For Vacuum, we include a 2-piece billet port with o-ring machined manifold that goes into the stock X3 manifold and allows access to the perfect spot to reference a boost gauge or aftermarket blow off valve. If you want to correctly reference manifold boost/vacuum pressure you need access behind the throttle blades. Kindly enough CanAm has left a nice spot to attach an access and plumb into the plastic intake manifold after the throttle body and before the cylinder head. Fortunately there is a block off plug there, that is easily removed and this port fits nice and tight in its place. 
What's Included: 
RPM Precision Machined Aluminum Diverter valve
Our BOV is a machined billet anodized unit. Our valves are machined to precision tolerances allowing for perfectly seated pistons that operate extremely smooth. This allows for the smoothest of throttle response and worry free BOV operation.
The RPM BOV is a MUST HAVE item to replace your machines that uses a plastic BOV that is known to warp OR a machine with no BOV at all!

What’s included:
  • Diverter valve
  • Billet plug
  • Instructions 
  • BOV End Filter
  • Filter Pre-Filter
The port nipple is machined stainless steel so it won't easily break if it gets hit like an aluminum piece sticking up might. A cnc machined aluminum hold down re-uses the stock torx bolt. And a -10 o-ring seals the nipple, or you can re-use the stock o-ring if you'd like.
  • Re-uses the stock torx bolt

  • This kit includes

    • (1) Stainless Steel nipple

    • (1) Aluminum hold down

    • (1) -10 o-ring

    • Boost/Vacuum Hose



  • Replaces the Stock Rubber Primary Charge Tube
  • 1.0 inch port for RPM Blow Off Valve
  • High Pressure Silicone Hose
  • Molded to Fit Like Stock