RPM-SxS ( BOV ) Blow Off Valve Recirculation Kit

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RPM SxS BOV Recirculation Kit


This kit allows any BOV with a 25mm port to be recirculated pretty much anywhere. Specifically we use this for the X3's and recirculate the Charge tube kit's BOV to the air box. This kit allows you to reap the benefits of a BOV without listening to it vent to atmosphere. Some people love the noise of a BOV, some don't. For those who don't this is the ticket! Our BOV's are 100% capable of being submerged in water, BUT mud can become an issue, so for the XMR guys or anyone looking to relocate, this is an awesome addition rather than running a breather hose off the BOV. This can be mounted anywhere to a flat surface and used for any turbo application! We provide 3ft of 3ply silicone, 25mm ID hose, this is high quality true silicone and NOT cheap radiator or vacuum hose!


  • BOV Recirculation Kit
  • 3ft of 3 ply black silicone hose
  • Sealing O-ring
  • 2 stainless worm gear clamps
  • Stainless hardware
  • Loctite for hardware