RPM-SxS 120hp and 135hp Base Maverick Turbo X3 BOV Blow Off Valve Kit

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The 120hp and 135hp Turbo X3's require a BOV kit specifically tailored for them. We completely replace the factory charge tube with our base model specific RPM silicone charge tube that has a incorporated 25mm BOV port! Our kit is 100% complete and plug & play! Fully adjustable with the included springs, and includes a filter with pre filter for those guys looking to go deep in the water and mud!  Detailed instructions and install videos are included. This is a very easy and quick install! The addition to the RPM BOV greatly improves throttle response while prolonging turbo life on your X3! If you have not heard how awesome these sound.


  • Silicone Charge Tube With BOV Port
  • Billet / Stainless Manifold Reference Port 
  • Silicone Reference port line ( 24" )
  • Simple Bolt On Modification

All 120hp & 135hp Non Intercooled X3 Turbo models! 2&4 Seat.