RPM Polaris RZR Pro R RPM 3" Sport Muffler W/ 3" Tip

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RPM Full 3" Sport Muffler 

This is a 304 stainless FULL 3" catless sport muffler that utilizes a internally baffled perforated core. By utilizing not just a straight through muffler we were able to achieve a beautifully sounding exhaust tone while staying extremely light weight and retaining the use of the factory rear fascia. This is a full 3" out the tip design achieved by using the supplied RPM designed, OEM appearing stainless 3" tip. Mounting is used by utilizing the factory hangers brackets. The Sport muffler lands in the middle of the "loudness chart" for our Pro R line up. Loudest being the Race Muffler, and nearest to stock sound would be the Chambered Muffler. The video at the bottom of this page compares all 3 to make your choice easy! 
Lets talk about the exhaust tip.....

The factory rear fascia the exhaust exits from was designed around the exhaust tip, this design is called a "Isosceles Trapezoid". The absolute biggest downfall of the factory exhaust is this....The inlet of the factory muffler is 3", with the restriction of the factory catalytic converter it is bottlenecked at the exit & tip which are reduced to 2.5". This was the bottleneck of the exhaust system that needed addressed. While others struggled to "design" a exhaust tip that fit the factory rear fascia, we got to it and knew what needed to be done. Rather than use a typical "car" style exhaust tip we knew we must retain the factory shape. We painstakingly re-designed the factory tip using 3D scans and models. After building our press molds, testing, re-building, and test fitting, we finally achieved a finished product. A factory like 3" tip that appears OEM and perfectly fits the OEM rear fascia. Our tip can be easily modified to be countersunk in the rear fascia providing a more sleeker look. 
Lets talk about the gasket flange...

We have for years manufactured our own replacement OEM style gaskets, with this knowledge & experience we knew that we needed to replicate the OEM flange for best performance. While some attempt to use cone style sealing flanges, we replicated the OEM flange in order to preserve gasket life. No pressure points, only evenly distributed gasket pressure for maximized sealing. 


  • Only 8Lb 10oz  *(17Lb saving over stock!)
  • Full 3" Muffler
  • Internally Baffled, Perforated Muffler Core
  • Includes 3" OEM Appearing Tip
  • Uses OEM Hardware & Hangers
  • Uses OEM Gasket
  • No Tune Required