RPM "Cooler" Air Vent Kit - Universal UTV Cab Cooling Kit

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When it comes to UTV's the hot summer days make a lack of air flow sometimes unbearable. RPM, from their own first hand experience, has put together this "Cooler" air vent kit to make hot days, not so hot! This kit uses adjustable louvers that can be open or closed easy as well as can easily adjust the path of air flow. Air flow is drastically increased by utilizing RPM's custom silicone ram air tubes. Available in straight and 40 degree, these tubes scoop additional air into the louvers and transform ram air into compressed air to not only break up stale air in the cab at your feet, but also provide fresh cooler air into the cab itself. The flexible silicone is impact resistant and can take any hit from tires, sticks, or even rocks. This is a kit of TWO and includes louvers, mounting nuts, worm gear clamps, and silicone ram air tubes. Silicone ram air tubes are 3ply silicone and are easy to cut, shorten, or modified. Uninstalling is made clean and simple with the inclusion of firewall plugs which are essentially thin, flat rubber plugs that would eliminate the hole from the louvers if ever uninstalled, or moved to another vehicle! 


  • QTY 2 louver's & assembly nuts
  • QTY 2 Ram Air Tubes & Clamps
  • QTY 2 Firewall Plugs