CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed Trailing Arms

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Experience unmatched off-road performance with CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed Trailing Arms. Designed for the demanding trails and rugged terrains, these trailing arms offer exceptional strength and durability. The boxed design enhances rigidity, providing maximum support and stability during aggressive off-road maneuvers. Crafted with precision engineering, these trailing arms optimize suspension geometry for improved traction and control. With their corrosion-resistant coating, they are built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Upgrade your Polaris Pro R and elevate your off-road adventures with CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed Trailing Arms, the ultimate choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking top-notch quality and performance.

If you want to add strength and ground clearance on your Pro R, look no further.

We started with our boxed design which has be proven for a decade throughout our product line and beefed it up. The construction of this arm consists of a mix of .115" and .1875" Grade 50 steel. The lower portion of this arm is layered totaling 5/16" of material thickness. By using this thickness we can raise the bottom of the trailing arm up nearly 3" to the toe link pocket that passes through the arm without having concerns of strength, and let us add that these arms don't mind being beat on, they beg for it. The brake line bungs in the arm have a sealed bottom, they are not exposed into the internals of the a arm and they utilize 6mm hardware that we supply. The CT logo on side of the arm is cut from stainless steel and can be left bare, polished or powder coated depending on the look you're going for. The shock and sway bar mount that span a large distance across the top of the arm act as a large gusset to distribute force and load across the top of the trailing arm, further adding strength to an already over built arm. The back strap piece that houses the radius rods on the back side of the trailing arm is removeable as well to help with ease of installation. The stock mud flaps are used on this trailing arm as well, we moved them slightly closer to the tire to reduce the chance of debris getting between the trailing arm and the tire, if you're a rock crawler you can opt to leave them off since you will likely rip them off anyway. This trailing arm does have a toe link pocket that fits with our toe link and the factory toe link. A max of 1.25" toe link diameter will fit, anything larger could hit the inside of the trailing arm through the travel or possibly not fit at all. To top things off, we created the ability to add an optional skid plate to the trailing arm. We machined large 10mm sealed bungs and added them along the bottom side of the arm. The skid plates are made from 3/8" UHMW and have a formed sides going up along the sides to extra protection but also so they won't get caught on anything. Countersunk 10mm hardware and 7075 aluminum washers retain the skid and leave a perfectly flat bottom to the a arm.

As always our arms have a no BS lifetime warranty.

NOTE - If you plan on ordering this part bare and are going to powder coat it, you can NOT let the bore of either uniball pocket get sand blasted or powder coated. These parts get machined to an extremely tight tolerance and get measured with a bore gauge, if that does happen, you won't get the uniballs in straight or the snap rings in the grooves. If this happens we will NOT warranty the item due to improper fitment of the uniballs.

Replacement wearable items can be found at the bottom of this page.

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