CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed High Clearance Lower A-Arms

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Experience the next level of off-road performance with Polaris Pro R Boxed High Clearance Lower A-Arms. Designed for the demanding trails and rugged terrains, these heavy-duty A-Arms provide superior strength and durability. The boxed design enhances ground clearance, allowing you to conquer obstacles with ease. Crafted with precision engineering, these A-Arms optimize suspension geometry for improved handling and control. With their corrosion-resistant construction, they are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Upgrade your Polaris Pro R and elevate your off-road adventures with these high-performance boxed lower A-Arms.

If you want to add strength and eliminate the lack of trust from ball joints on your Pro R or Turbo R, look no further. The goal was to create an arm that addressed every possible issue and then some and we did just that.

We started with our boxed a arm design which has be proven for a decade throughout our product line and beefed it up. The construction off this arm consists of a mix of .115" and .135" Grade 50 steel. The front face of the arm has a 45 degree face on the bottom edge so when you hit that rock or obstacle it will help push it up and over, and let us add these arms don't mind being beat on things, they beg for it. The internal structure of this arm is very unique, it features an I beam style construction that is roughly 13" long and starts at the uniball cut and run past the shock mount. The shock mount is machined into this chunk of steel and houses a WSSX12T FK uniball with stainless steel spacers. The bushing barrels are created to mimic the factory measurements perfectly, except we added 6mmx1 thread and we include grease fittings for serviceability without having to take the front suspension off to lube the pivot points on the chassis. At the spindle side we changed out the failure ridden factory ball joint for an FK WSSX14T uniball which is the top of the line 7/8" FK spherical bearing. The uniball is held in a custom uniball cup that we machine here in house from 4130 chromoly. To finish off the spindle side of things the spindle pin is made and heat treated in house from 17-4 stainless to H900 standards and holds the factory geometry and pivot point location perfectly. Steering stops have also been added to the arms in the factory location to keep the outer CV within its tolerances through the suspension travel and steering angles. To top things off, we created the ability to add an optional skid plate to the A Arm. We machined large 10mm sealed bungs and added them along the bottom side of the A Arm. While we could have sneaked in maybe half an inch of more clearance to the arm, we felt it was more important to have a perfectly flat bottom and add a skid plate to the arm. The skid plates are made from 3/8" UHMW and have a formed front and rear lip so they won't get caught on anything. Countersunk 10mm hardware and 7075 aluminum washers retain the skid and leave a perfectly flat bottom to the a arm.

As always our a arms have a no BS lifetime warranty. The uniballs and spindle pin do not have a lifetime warranty.

NOTE - If you plan on ordering this part bare and are going to powder coat it, you can NOT let the bore of either uniball (shock or spindle) pocket get sand blasted or powder coated. These parts get machined to an extremely tight tolerance and get measured with a bore gauge, if that does happen, you won't get the uniballs in straight or the snap rings in the grooves. If this happens we will NOT warranty the item due to improper fitment of the uniballs.

Replacement wearable items can be found at the bottom of this page.

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