CT Race Worx Maverick X3 64" High Clearance Billet Lower Radius Rods ONLY

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These high clearance lower rods are built from 7075-T6 aluminum and feature over an inch of ground clearance than stock. This is aircraft grade aluminum and is the strongest aluminum option for our sport. The ends house FK 5/8" WSSX uniballs, the same series joints that the trophy trucks are running, there is not an upgrade over these.  

Our business and products are based around using American products and material, we don't source cheaper parts or materials from overseas.

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Why do we choose 7075 over 6061?  The weakest part of the rod will will always be the area that surrounds the uniballs, or where a joint is threaded in.  The area that surrounds the uniballs is often severely limited to how much material we can have before it starts to interfere with the trailing arm or other components, this is the biggest stress point of the radius rod as during bottom outs the lower rod has a tremendous pull force on it.  On a threaded link we're limited to the material that is in the threads itself, we need maximum strength there as well to not pull the threads out of the rods, or compress the threads over time making the joints wobbly in the rod becoming loose.  7075 is also known for its flexibility and its memory, with a direct impact it will deflect up to 10% and spring back to its original shape, the flexibility and memory of this material is why it's used as the main structure of aircraft wings.  Furthermore all of these reasons are why this material is used as suspension "link material" for rock crawlers and rock bouncers as well as trailing arms and control arms on trophy trucks, almost never 6061.

Here are some basic strength differences between 6061 and 7075 aluminum and how much stronger our lower radius rods are being made from 7075.

6061 Properties

Tensile Strength – 45,000 psi

Yield Point – 40,000 psi
Brinell Hardness – 95
Elongation at Break – 12%
Shear Strength – 31,000 psi
Strength to Weight Ratio: 115 kN-m/kg

7075 Properties

Tensile Strength – 83,000 psi

Yield Point – 74,000 psi
Brinell Hardness – 150
Elongation at Break – 10%
Shear Strength – 48,000 psi
Strength to Weight Ratio: 196 kN-m/kg