CT Race Worx Maverick X3 64" Boxed Trailing Arms, Gen 2

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The strongest, and most proven trailing arms on the market for the X3, period. We started with our boxed design which has be proven for a decade throughout our product line and matches the design of our a arms. We gain over 4" of ground clearance throughout the arm but where it matters most is right under the shock mount which is at the front of the tire, we gain over 2.5" of usable clearance there. The construction of this arm consists of a mix of .115" and .1875" Grade 50 steel. These arms don't mind being beat on, they beg for it. The brake line bungs in the arm have a sealed bottom, they are not open into the internals of the a arm and they utilize 6mm hardware that we supply. The back strap piece on the back side of the trailing arm is removeable as well to help with ease of installation. We have material thickness at more than a quarter of an inch on the bottom side of the arm so whether you're cruising through the desert or bashing them in the rocks these arms are built to take it without failing.  These are bolt on and work with the factory shocks without modification.

These fit stock wheels and tires, larger combinations with different offset wheels to narrow the track width could create interference.

NOTE - If you plan on ordering this part bare and are going to powder coat it, you can NOT let the bore of the uniball pockets get sand blasted or powder coated. These parts get machined to an extremely tight tolerance and get measured with a bore gauge, if that does happen, you won't get the uniballs in straight or the snap rings in the grooves. If this happens we will NOT warranty the item due to improper fitment or installation of the uniballs.

As always our arms have a no BS lifetime warranty.