CT Race Worx Maverick X3 64" Boxed High Clearance Lower A Arms

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This is probably the most iconic CT part for the X3 as well as one of the most iconic X3 aftermarket parts ever created.

We wanted to create an arm that has the clearance for the rocks and mud but the strength to handle the desert and the dunes and we did exactly that. Our boxed a arms provide the most clearance on the market by a long shot. Our signature design utilizes a trough in the center of the a arm that allows the axle shaft to recess in to it for clearance and protection of the axle shaft, this was a design that we pioneered in 2013 on the original Maverick. These arms weigh in at 16 pounds a piece, yes they are heavier than stock but all aftermarket a arms will be heavier and you'll never have to worry about these failing. These arms have multiple KOH wins under their belt proving they can take an absolute beating time and time again with world class reliability. We do hold ourselves to a very high standard of welding, fitment and overall manufacturing quality. As always our suspension parts have a no BS lifetime warranty.