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*** ALL PRE 2019 and 120HP with the old outer half will need to upgrade to the new outer half/bearing cup update ($422 billed separately)***

Float Includes:

  • Float Mod

Float+ Includes:

  • Float Mod
  • Ao Clutch Kit

Float Pro Includes:

  • Float Mod
  • Ao Clutch Kit
  • Groovix

Float Pro Max Includes:

  • Float Mod
  • Ao Clutch Kit
  • Groovix
  • Dss: Dual Spring Secondary

What Does The Float Mod Do?

  • Increases Your Wheel Hp And Produces Quicker Acceleration.
  • Produces Quieter Clutches And Keeps Shifting Ultra-smooth (By Eliminating Warping And Belt Chatter, Your Clutches Run Smoother And Quieter)
  • Lowers Belt Temps (Kwi Will Resurface And Recut Your Sheave Angles For More Efficient Shifting And More Wheel Hp)
  • Fixes Warped Clutch Sheaves And Factory Belt Misalignment (All Of The X3 Clutches Are Warped, And Most Are Warped More Than .010" Causing Belt Chatter, Vibrations, Loss In Wheel Hp, And Increased Belt Heat.)

What Does The Float Mod Include?

  • Cnc Machining Of All Your Primary & Secondary Clutch Sheaves (Fixes Factory Warping) Requires You To Ship In Your Primary And Secondary Clutch
  • Upgraded Secondary Rollers
  • Full Disassembly, Servicing, Reassembly, And Setup. (Setup If You Choose To Have The Kwi Clutch Kit Installed) Of Both Clutches For Your Hp, Terrain, Altitude, Etc.
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Ao Kit Features:

Kwi Clutch Kits Have Been Proven To Put Down The Most Wheel Hp, Period! We Continually Test All Clutch Kits And Tunes On The Market To Ensure We're Ahead Of The Competition…always. Can-am X3 Ao Clutch Kits Are In Stock And Ready To Ship! Kwi Clutching X3 Clutch Kits Will Dramatically Improve All-around Performance, Acceleration, Back-shifting And Get Your Rpm's In The Peak Power Whether You're Riding The Street, Desert, Backwoods, Dunes, Or Mud.


The Groovix Features A Unique Rib And Fan Design To Lower Belt Temps And Prolong Belt Life. The Groovix Fan Draws Air Into The Center Of The Secondary Clutch And Cools The Underside Of The Belt And Sheaves. The Rib Design Creates More Surface Area For The Cooling Airflow To Remove Clutch Heat. The Combination Of These Features Is A Major Step Forward In Helix Technology. The New Groovix Is Made From Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum Billets (1 Solid Chunk Of Metal).

Float Vs Fast Float?

Fast Float (2 Business Days***):

The Fast Float Is An Exchange Program But We Will Be Using Parts Off Your Clutches To Build Up The Floated Set. The Parts We Will Use Are:

  • Outer Half Ass'y. Primary Clutch
  • Inner Half Ass'y Primary Clutch
  • Sliding Pulley Ass'y
  • Outer Half Pulley Ass'y
  • Cam Ass'y

Qualifications For A Fast Float

  • No Broken Parts
  • No Water Stains
  • No Dents Or Dings
  • No Belt Stains
  • Not Coated In Dirt Or Sand

If You Wouldn’t Want To Receive These Clutches Yourself, Chances Are No One Else Will!

***if Your Clutches Are Received With Broken Parts, Dents, Or Dings
***1. We Will Convert Your Fast Float To A Regular Float Mod With An 8-10 Business Day Turnaround And Charge You The Normal Float Mod Pricing.

If Clutches Are Received Dirty, You Will Have 2 Options1. Convert Your Fast Float To A Regular Float Mod With An 8-10 Business Day Turnaround And Pay The Normal Float Mod Pricing. 2. Pay An $87.50 Cleaning Charge To Have Your Clutches Cleaned In-house.

Dss: Dual Spring Secondary


The Dss (Dual Spring Secondary) Is A Testament To Our Commitment To Revolutionize The Performance Of Can-am Vehicles. The Dual Spring Secondary Completely Locks The Belt To Your Secondary Sheave, Eliminating Any Belt Slip. In Parallel, The Kwi Big Rollers, Are Significantly Larger And More Robust Than Standard Rollers, Ensuring That Roller Breakage Is A Thing Of The Past. With The Dss, Your Can-am Can Perform Optimally Across A Range Of Horsepower Levels, Proven From 200hp To 600+hp. From Sea Level To 15000 Feet, From Dunes To The Street, The Dss Is Designed To Work For You Without Compromise! Thanks To Our Team's Professional Installation Service, The Dss Seamlessly Fits, Whether A Stock Vehicle Or A High-performance Model.


Unparalleled Belt Grip & High Hp Optimization: The Dual Spring Secondary Locks Your Belt To Your Secondary Sheave, Maximizing Grip And Performance Across A Wide Range Of Horsepower Levels.

  • Superior Durability: The Dss Incorporates Kwi Big Rollers, Proven 100% More Durable Than Any Other Rollers. These Robust Rollers Significantly Decrease Breakage, Prolonging Your Clutch's Lifespan.
  • Enhanced Shock Load Absorption: The Kwi Big Rollers, Larger Than Standard-size Rollers, Effectively Absorb More Shock Load, Ensuring Smoother And More Consistent Operation.
  • Proven Resilience & Professional Installation: Both Components Of The Dss Have Undergone Rigorous Endurance Testing, Proving Their Ability To Withstand Demanding Driving Conditions. Moreover, Our Team Will Expertly Machine Your Secondary Clutch To Accept The Dss And Kwi Big Rollers, Offering A Seamless And Hassle-free Upgrade Experience.