KWI Ethanol Testing Kit

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The Ethanol Testing Kit by KWI CLUTCHING is an economical and easy-to-use tool to verify 2 extremely important things

1. THE QUALITY OF YOUR E85 FUEL. If your using and depending on E85 fuel for its excellent power production in your high performance vehicle you MUST KNOW the percentage of Ethanol in the fuel or your performance will suffer and possibly lead to expensive engine damage. The KWI Ethanol tester will tell you if your buying quality fuel or junk BEFORE you put it in your tank.

2. THE QUALITY OF YOUR PUMP GASOLINE. 95% of Gasoline sold to the general public contains up to 20% of Ethanol Alcohol. You want as little ethanol in your fuel as possible. To prevent the following expensive and unnecessary issues.

a. More ethanol means less miles per gallon!! Find fuel with as little Ethanol as possible to get the most for your dollar at the pump.

b. Ethanol alcohol is very corrosive and hygroscopic (attracts and absorbs water from the air and its surrounding). High amounts of this highly corrosive mixture of water and ethanol will corrode all fuel system components not designed for it. The sediments left by the decaying ethanol-blended fuel will clog fuel filters, fuel injectors, carburetors, and fuel lines. Making your engine hard to start, idle rough, stall, and in extreme circumstances, engine failure.

c. Ethanol-blended fuels will begin to decay in as little as two months due to ethanol evaporating faster than gasoline, leaving behind the damaging water and very low octane base fuel. This is a severe problem for boats, lawnmowers, and other power equipment that do not get used as frequently as your car. In addition, most small engines today are not built or designed for ethanol and have much smaller fuel system components.