KWI DSS: Dual Spring Secondary

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*You must have the KWI Groovix AND must run OEM TR/RR secondary spring (cannot use 120hp BRP spring or any aftermarket springs.) for the Dual spring Secondary to work.*

Upgrade your Can-Am's performance with the DSS (Dual Spring Secondary) from KWI Clutching. Our DSS, incorporating the custom-engineered Dual Spring Secondary and KWI Big Rollers, is an innovative solution designed to boost your vehicle's performance while enhancing its durability and resilience. This innovative clutch system upgrade is the culmination of extensive R&D, rigorous testing, and precise engineering to eliminate belt slip and optimize horsepower efficiency but also eradicate the issue of roller breakage often seen in standard clutches. Enjoy smoother, more consistent operation with the DSS, expertly installed by our team for a perfect fit and function.

The Dss (Dual Spring Secondary) Is A Testament To Our Commitment To Revolutionize The Performance Of Can-am Vehicles. The Dual Spring Secondary Completely Locks The Belt To Your Secondary Sheave, Eliminating Any Belt Slip. In Parallel, The Kwi Big Rollers, Are Significantly Larger And More Robust Than Standard Rollers, Ensuring That Roller Breakage Is A Thing Of The Past. With The Dss, Your Can-am Can Perform Optimally Across A Range Of Horsepower Levels, Proven From 200hp To 600+hp. From Sea Level To 15000 Feet, From Dunes To The Street, The Dss Is Designed To Work For You Without Compromise! Thanks To Our Team's Professional Installation Service, The Dss Seamlessly Fits, Whether A Stock Vehicle Or A High-performance Model.


  • Unparalleled Belt Grip & High Hp Optimization: The Dual Spring Secondary Locks Your Belt To Your Secondary Sheave, Maximizing Grip And Performance Across A Wide Range Of Horsepower Levels.
  • Superior Durability: The Dss Incorporates Kwi Big Rollers, Proven 100% More Durable Than Any Other Rollers. These Robust Rollers Significantly Decrease Breakage, Prolonging Your Clutch's Lifespan.
  • Enhanced Shock Load Absorption: The Kwi Big Rollers, Larger Than Standard-size Rollers, Effectively Absorb More Shock Load, Ensuring Smoother And More Consistent Operation.
  • Proven Resilience & Professional Installation: Both Components Of The Dss Have Undergone Rigorous Endurance Testing, Proving Their Ability To Withstand Demanding Driving Conditions. Moreover, Our Team Will Expertly Machine Your Secondary Clutch To Accept The Dss And Kwi Big Rollers, Offering A Seamless And Hassle-free Upgrade Experience.