KWI Clutch Springs

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Kwi Blue/orange Primary Spring (Pbl)- This Is The Kwi Can-am X3 Pbl-or Primary Spring Designed For 300 Rpm Overstock And Flattens Out The Shift Curve. Also A Great High Altitude Spring For High Hp Vehicles. You Will Need The Governor Cup Puller Special Tool To Install This Spring, Our Kwi Clutch Tool Kit Has Everything You Will Need For Complete Disassembly And Reassembly Of Your Can-am Clutches.

Kwi Rzr Pro Secondary Spring (Rpb)- Kwi Has Developed The Secondary Spring Specifically For The 2020 Rzr Pro To Stop The Problematic Belt Slip In The Secondary, Provide More Wheel Hp, And Lower Belt Temps.

Pink High Rpm Spring (2900 Rpm Launch Spring)- Pink High Rpm Spring Will Get You Approx 2800-2900 Rpm Engagement And Is The Highest Engagement Spring On The Market That Does Not Go To Solid Height Before The Full Shift. The Pink Spring Will Allow You To Run Launch Control At Up To 2700 Rpm To Build Boost Without Engaging The Clutches And Burning Your Belt. The Pink Spring Can Be Used With Any Of The Kwi Clutch Kits As A Drop-in Replacement And Only Requires You To Add Approx 4 Magnets To The Ao Weights To Compensate For Proper Shift Rpm.

Dark Blue/pink High-pressure Secondary Spring- Dark Blue/ Pink Hp Spring For The Can-am X3 That Is Available Separately For Use In High Hp Vehicles To Stop Secondary Belt Slip.