KWI Ao-P1 P-drive Clutch Kit (Can-Am X3 2022+)

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Kwi Has Nailed It Again With Epic Performance And Reliability You Have Come To Expect From Kwi Clutch Kits Coupled With The Smooth And Quiet Power Delivery Of The Pdrive Primary Clutch. We Have Engineered The Kwi Aop1 Pdrive Weights From A Clean Slate Using Our Vast Can Am X3 Tuning Experience To Provide You With The Quickest, Most Adjustable, And Best Performing Pdrive Clutch Kit On The Market. We Have Incorporated Brp Clicker Adjusters As Well As Magnets And An Assortment Of Pivot Bolts So You Can Adjust Your Clutch To Any Condition In Under A Minute.


  • 3 Ways To Adjust Your Rpms For Any Tune, Tire, Or Terrain More Easily Than Ever!
  • Clicker Adjustable Weights - You Can Fine-tune And Adjust The Shift Rpms In Seconds With No Clutch Disassembly. Simply Loosen The Pivot Bolt, Rotate The Clicker To The Desired Position, Tighten The Pivot Bolt, And Hammer Down With The Shift Rpms You Desire!
  • Quickly Make Big Adjustments To Your Rpms In Seconds By Simply Changing Out The Pivot Bolts With No Clutch Disassembly.
  • Initial Weight Setups Use The Proven And Reliable Kwi Magnet System You Are Used To In The Previous Ao Kits.
  • - Custom Kwi Aop1 Weight Profile Engineered Completely In-house To Put The Power Down.

Base Adjustment - Magnets

Medium Adjustment - Pivot Bolt

Fine Adjustment - Clicker

Included In Kit

  • - 3 Kwi Aop Clicker Adjustable Weights
  • - 3 25mm Pivot Bolts
  • - 3 30mm Pivot Bolts
  • - 3 35mm Pivot Bolts
  • - 3 40mm Pivot Bolts
  • - 1 Magnet Kit
  • - 1 Groovix Dr3 Or #4 Helix (Optional)


Compatible With Any Year Or Model Can Am X3 With A Pdrive Primary Clutch.