HCR Can-am Maverick X3 X RS 72" OEM HD Dual Sport Factory Replacement Trailing Arms

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Can-Am X3 Trailing Arms

Functions of Can-Am x3 Trailing Arms

Your Can Am Maverick X3 rear trailing arms serve different purposes, including:

  • Serves as a pivot point that is perpendicular to your vehicle length
  • Avoids the rear axle (also known as a rear spindle) from forward and backward movement when the vehicle is in operation.
  • Holds the wheels correctly on their axis
  • Absorbs shocks and minor vibrations
  • Minimizes road noise for a smoother UTV ride

The trailing arms you choose often affect your Can-Am Maverick X3 (vehicle) performance Defective and substandard trailing components can generally lead to poor UTG speed and overall performance. Get yourself a quality Can-Am Maverick X3 trailing arms from trusted manufacturers.

About The Part

State-of-the-art Can-Am X3 trailing arms, upgraded for maximum suspension for your UTV, ensuring a smooth ride on the most challenging terrains. Be it a muddy affair, a rocky path, or a desert safari, This Can-Am Maverick X3 rear trailing arms will efficiently offer a smooth and enjoyable UTV ride.

Qualified artistry professions have perfectly crafted the improved replacement kit. It boasts of outstanding unique features that separate it from the competition. The kit comes with;- •   Two rear trailing arms •   Two shock bolts

The kit is well packed and crafted for perfection. It is best to use OEM radio joints and necessary OEM hardware. HCR continues to set the pace in UTV suspension with the latest upgrade. The new Can-Am Maverick X3 trailing arms epitomizes HCR's unparalleled designs and quality features. The American-made product takes the impressive X3 to greater performance heights. HCR's uniqueness continues to feature in the kit's superior craftmanship and manufacturing complete with the custom badge.

To Replace Stock Trailing Arms

The Can-Am Maverick X3 model is purpose-designed to replace the X RS 72" make Trailing Arms. The upgrade has improved features that ensure durability and the highest functionality standards in the market. It has passed the manufacturer's strict quality standards.

The improved model has marginally increased the ground clearance, improved the practical angle approach, effectively reducing surface attraction, and minimize friction.

Even though the Can Am X3 trailing arms have passed through a cost-effective manufacturing process, the level of detail is unmatched, assuring you of quality products designed for maximum functionality.

Material for the Rear Trailing Arms

The Can Am X3 trailing arms have been perfectly crafted using a well-matched elite alloy. The components are more robust and durable and go through strict and necessary processes to drastically reduce wear and tear damage, providing firm and overall strength.


The kits are cut with fiber laser for precision and go through accurate CNC bending. The arms are effectively TIG welded by our polished crafts for strength and state-of-the-art fit and finish.

The can am x3 trailing arms are superior products that are efficient, reliable, and durable. Having undergone harsh quality control measures, they are proved to be much more rewarding to you.

Our skilled craftsmanship leaves no stone unturned. The outcome is accurate precision and eye-popping aesthetics, marrying perfectly with your UTV.