Evp Xr Series High Flow Intake (Hfi) Kits For Can Am Maverick X3

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Don’t limit your engine’s power output potential with a restrictive OEM intake! The all-new EVP XR Series High Flow Intake (HFI) Kit for Can Am Maverick X3 turbo (all models except XMR) solves the inherent issues with the OEM intake system by delivering smooth, undisturbed airflow to the turbocharger and increasing airflow which translates into MORE power—particularly for big turbo and/or tuned ECU applications! Gain upwards of 15 HP when paired with EVP DS-355 (or higher) turbo systems, or a solid 5-10 HP on stock turbo applications. 

Additionally, the XR Series HFI kits eliminate unnecessary clutter and weight by replacing the OEM airbox and tray for a more aggressive, race-ready setup that also significantly eases plug changes and other maintenance tasks.

Turbochargers are most efficient when the air entering the inlet has the least amount of restriction as possible. The OEM airbox, due to its canister design, is not only restrictive, but the air entering the compressor section of the turbo is turbulent. These two factors limit the power the engine can make, particularly on big turbo/high-horsepower vehicles. EVP’s new proprietary XR Series HFI design is offered in three kits tailored specifically for Stock turbochargers, EVP Paragon or Dynomite turbo systems, and EVP Desert Storm turbo systems. All kits include a low-restriction/high-flow filter element, EVP pre-filter, smooth silicone elbow tubes with gradual diameter taper for greater airflow efficiency, plus mounting bracket and hardware. The free-flowing design supplies smooth, uninhibited airflow to the turbocharger inlet—which means MORE POWER!

EVP DISCLAIMER: Please note that to properly use these brackets, the following EVP parts are required:


  • Three unique kits available for Stock Turbo, EVP Paragon or Dynomite Turbo Systems, and EVP Desert Storm Turbo Systems
  • Provides uninterrupted airflow to the turbo inlet for significantly enhanced power
  • Eliminates clutter by replacing the OEM airbox, CVT ducts/housing, and airbox tray to make plug changes and other maintenance tasks hassle-free
  • Includes EVP HFI Filter and Pre-Filter


  • EVP HFI Air Filter w/ Pre-Filter
  • XR Series HFI Mounting Bracket
  • Silicone Hose Connector 
  • Full hardware installation kit