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Want your Pro XP or Turbo R to make big power? One of the main limiting factors is the Polaris twin cylinder engine’s high intake temperatures. With inadequate cooling like the OEM water-to-air setup, which is prone to leaking at higher boost pressure and lacks the enhanced cooling functionality, adding more power puts the engine at risk. The EVP Triple-Fan Air-to-Air Intercooler is built to withstand high temperature and pressure levels to effectively cool and regulate airflow to the engine so you can go as big as your budget allows.

We installed an EVP P43-280 Turbo System on a 2022 Polaris Pro XP and ran back-to-back tests – first with the OEM intercooler, then with the EVP Triple-Fan Air-to-Air Intercooler. The results speak for themselves. If you look at the Time vs Intake Temperature graph for each (see photo gallery), you will see that the OEM intercooler reaches 130° F in about 7 seconds. The EVP Air-to-Air system took almost 13 seconds before reaching the same temperature – almost twice as long! This is because we engineered our intercooler with a massive heat exchanger and large surface area as well as triple-fan cooling. Specially designed shrouding ensures the fans are very efficient at pulling cool air through the core. Best of all, this system can be run with the stock turbo or any of our Paragon or Dynomite turbo systems. (Note: these results are representative of the efficiency gains, but will vary depending on outside air temperature, boost pressure, humidity, elevation and other factors.)

The Triple-Fan Air-to-Air Intercooler setup also helps enhance ignition settings in addition to improving airflow efficiency, allowing the engine to make more power with improved performance without breaking down vital components. This is an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to make safe, reliable big power numbers with their RZR. 

  • Compatible with all RZR Pro XP and Turbo R models
  • Compatible with stock turbo and all EVP big turbo systems
  • Drastically reduces intake temperatures and regulates airflow
  • Integrated triple-fan assembly for optimum cooling
  • Includes EVP silicone hoses with integrated BOV/BRV port, as well as EVP Billet Plenum Block-Off Plate
  • Includes black powder-coated steel EVP mount kit with raw aluminum backing plate for added style
  • EVP Coolant Tank Relocation Kit Included (Relocation of the OEM coolant tank is required for installation)
  • Includes all hardware and clamps required for installation