EVP Shift-Tek Pdrive Primary Clutch Holding Tool

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Secure your pDrive Primary Clutch safely and effectively with the EVP Shift-Tek pDrive Primary Clutch Holding Tool. Unlike other holding tools, EVP’s angled and extended-arm design spans approximately halfway around the primary clutch for better leverage and to avoid putting excess pressure in one given area, which can lead to damage. The compact design rests safely on the secondary clutch to hold the pDrive clutch from spinning, allowing you to torque or remove the primary clutch bolt, or use a puller to remove the primary clutch. Features durable steel construction with cushioned grip for easy operation.

  • Safely and effectively secures the primary clutch in place for proper removal and/or torquing
  • Durable steel construction with black hex coating
  • Cushioned grip area for firm grasping


EVP Shift-Tek pDrive Primary Clutch Holding Tool