Evp Shift-Tek Can-Am Pdrive Primary Clutch Weight Changing Kit

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Load up your clutch tool arsenal with the perfect kit guaranteed to save you time and frustration. The EVP Shift-Tek Primary Weight Changing Kit is specifically designed for use with the Can-Am pDrive clutch and includes everything needed to compress the primary clutch and change the weights.

Additionally, EVP has designed the Shift-Tek pDrive tools so that they can not only be used as bench tools, but also with the primary clutch still installed on the vehicle to save you valuable ride time. All tools feature durable steel construction with black hex coating.

Kit Includes:

  • EVP Shift-Tek Threaded Rod, Threaded Rod Handle & Nylon Bushings (1” & ¼”) to properly compress the primary clutch. The durable, heat-treated rod and handle combo significantly eases the compression process while offering two bushings to accommodate a variety of setups.
  • EVP Shift-Tek 3-Arm Primary Compressor Tool to help compress the movable sheave safely without risking damage to other clutch components, making weight adjustments easier than ever (designed to be used with Threaded Rod/Handle).
  • EVP Shift-Tek Axle Removal Tool for hassle-free removal of the weight and roller axles from the clutch taper without risking damage to other clutch components.


EVP Shift-Tek pDrive Primary Clutch Weight Changing Kit