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Proper maintenance is key to keeping your side-by-side firing on all cylinders. EVP has partnered with industry leaders Motul to make oil changes a breeze with these all-inclusive kits specifically designed for DIY-ers like you.

Available for the potent new Polaris RZR Pro R in 10W-50 4T Dune/Trail and 300V 4T 10W-50 Race Oil kits, EVP Motul synthetic engine oils combine the most innovative and class-leading technologies to deliver superior performance. Formulated with technologically advanced additives to combat the most severe conditions, ensuring peak performance coupled with the best engine protection possible to exceed the standards demanded by industry OEMs and their customers. EVP has a long history using Motul lubricants, and they are the only products we trust to protect our 10,000 RPM-revving monsters.

  • 300V 10W-50 Race Oil is specifically engineered for race fuel/E85 for optimal wear protection (see oil specs below)
  • 10W-50 Synthetic Oil Kit for everyday trail or dune riding (see oil specs below)
  • Kit includes Pro Oil filter, OEM crush washer, nitrile gloves and sticker pack
  • 100% Synthetic for improved oil film resistance at high temperatures
  • Ester and anti-wear additives for improved oil film shear resistance, as well as increased gear protection and lifetime duration
  • Outstanding engine and gearbox anti-wear protection

*NOTE: EVP strongly recommends Motul 300V Race Spec Oil Change Kits for any vehicle running on race fuel/E85. For recommended oil change intervals and other specifications, please refer to your Owner's Manual.