Evp Ecu Header Repair For Can-Am & Polaris Mg1 Ecu

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Removing and sending in your ECU isn’t a challenge, but mishaps can – and do – happen! More specifically, the plastic headers that surround the pins can easily snap off and/or break if the ECU isn’t removed properly. This can lead to a faulty connection and complete loss of power if not addressed, which can be catastrophic in the wrong situations.

As the only company in the world capable of unlocking and flashing the MG1 ECU for Can-Am, our experience and methodical process has led our expert computer engineers to develop a solution to fix this problem. Let us save you some money in the long run while easing your mind and ensuring your MG1 ECU stays connected regardless of how fast or hard you ride.

  • EVP ECU Header Repair Service offered for MG1 ECU’s only
  • ECU must be shipped to EVP’s Wisconsin facility for repair work to be completed
  • For directions on how to remove your MG1 ECU, please