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Customize the Axia Alloys device mounting arm to perfectly suit your specific needs. This device mounting arm will mount Tablets, GPS, Phones, etc. Without a doubt the most rigid, most adjustable, and most aesthetically pleasing device mounting arm in the Off Road and Powersports industry.

  • Begin with the Device arm base kit. (extends 5.5” from the leading edge of the mounting bar to back of device)
  • Choose your mounting clamp size
  • Add as many of the optional 4.0” or 6.0” extensions as necessary
  • Choose the correct end adapter for your specific device
    • AMPS standard spaced at 1.181 x 1.496 (30mm x 38mm)
    • VESA 75mm standard spaced at 75mm x 75mm
    • Rear clip in mount standard to Lowrance Trophy GPS

All pivot points on the device mounting arm feature adjustable angle and adjustable tension, or can be locked out for zero movement in very demanding off road environments

  • Base clamp adapter rotates a full 360’ (Base will not pivot on the fly as it only locks into any position upon installation)
  • All arm pivot points including the optional extensions can be locked into position or left to pivot
    • Install optional small socket head bolt in any pivot point to lock it out
    • Remove optional small socket head bolt and adjust tension to pivot any pivot point(Each pivot point has nylon washers at contact points for smooth pivot of device between passenger and driver)
  • End adapters feature a full 360’ rotation with a nylon washer and an o-ring to keep the elements out and adjustment smooth

Device mounting arm can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or on a bar of any angle.

  • Arm must be mounted with pivot points horizontal if you would like to allow it to pivot

What devices will this mount? – Just about any of them in any location with a little imagination.

  • AMPS standard is widely used in many handheld and larger GPS along with smaller Ipad cases
    • Magellan TRX7
    • Garmin handheld and automotive GPS
    • Ipad mini Lifeproof case and cradle
    • Many of the cradles available for all brands of handhelds
    • Ram Mount cradles and ball mounts
    • Thousands of other GPS and tablets
  • VESA 75mm standard is used on many of the larger IPad and tablet cases
    • Or buy a case and drill your own holes to match this end adapter
  • Lowrance Trophy 5M rear clip
    • Also works with Elite-5, Mark-5, Hook-5 & Elite 7 Ti Fishfinders
    • Possibly others if its Lowrance and clips into the back
  • IPad / Tablet Cradle
    • Adjustable machined aluminum cradle
    • FIts all sizes of Ipads and tablets with its adjustable arms
    • 4 thumb screws allow quick install and removal of tablet


WEIGHT 1 lbs
DIMENSIONS 6 × 4 × 2 in

Black E-Coat, Silver Anodized



Arm Extension 

  • 4″ Length (+$29.95)
  • 6″ Length (+$34.95)

End Adaptor *

  • AMPS (+$29.95)
  • Lowrance Trophy GPS (+$34.95)
  • VESA 75mm (+$34.95)
  • Ipad / Tablet Cradle (+$159.95)

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