Dash Flash For 2020 X3 Models With 4" & 7" Dash And 2021 X3 Models With 4" Dash

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Display Boost, Air Fuel and Belt Temps on your OEM Dash Cluster!
The EVP X3 Dash Flash has been available for about a year, but with the release of the revolutionary CodeShooter App Based Flashing Device, you no longer need to send your dash cluster to us for programming! Purchase CodeShooter and gain the ability to flash your dash right from within the app. The Flash takes the boost pressure reading directly from the ECU and displays it on the dash. Also, when you purchase the separately sold AFR and Belt Temp Modules you can live monitor the belt temp and AFR values along with other critical data within the app!

If you already have an EVP Power Flash and/or a MapTuner device, you can simply purchase a CodeShooter device and we will transfer your previously purchased tune(s) to your new CodeShooter. This will allow you to use Codeshooter to flash your dash as well as use all of the other great features CodeShooter has to offer. 

Don’t own an EVP ECU tune and want an EVP Dash Flash? No problem. Our Dash flash works independently of the ECU flash. Codeshooter can be setup to just flash the Dash so your current ECU calibration remains unchanged. You can still enjoy the other features of Codeshooter like clear and read DTC’s as well as live monitor belt temp, AFR and engine data.