RPM Can Am X3 Turbo Back 3" Full Race / Drag Pipe With Muffler

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RPM 3" Full Race Exhaust With Muffler

RPM full 3" Race pipe is the go to exhaust for race teams and drag racers. This is an extremely light weight fully stainless exhaust that utilizes a chain link flex pipe to take the abuse that off road racers and drag racers put these through. Unlike our 3" straight pipe this version does include a 4" long muffler to baffle sound slightly while still performing amazingly in race applications. Along with the chain link flex pipe, we have mounted the exhaust to a factory mounting location in addition to a rubber exhaust isolator. This full 3" stainless exhaust allows your turbo to spool faster and dissipate heat quickly. This is a very loud exhaust, other cars will have no problem hearing you coming! This exhaust is strategically routed to allow for off road racers the full use of their bed and factory muffler area without interfering.

Full 3" system
Low back pressure
4" Muffler
Only 4.9LB's
Dual O2 bungs
Extremely light weight
HD clamp included!
Lifetime warranty
Huge HP gains
All hardware and mounts included

Fits ALL 2017-2023 Can Am X3 Turbo Models