Can Am Maverick X3 Stm Primary & Secondary Clutch Packages

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  • Available in three packages to suit your riding style: Duner, Drag or Race
  • Rage 4WCP Primary Clutch features a wider, thicker, more durable spider with a new composite spider roller bushings for long life and quiet operation
  • Built for maximum durability and long life in harsh environments and ease of use
  • Fully assembled and calibrated based on your vehicle specs

Over the past three years, EVP has perfected three amazing Clutch Kits for X3 models that overcome the strength issues and limitations inherent in the OEM primary clutch, which is only durable up to 300 hp. The OEM weight profile limits the amount of mass and shape that the weight can take, making it less than ideal for racing. EVP's custom calibrations solve these issues by utilizing an STM Rage 4 Primary Clutch. To create calibrations specific to high horsepower dune/drag dual purpose setups, EVP calibrates each clutch specifically for the horsepower and intended purpose. Available in Duner, Drag or Race Clutch Kits, we have virtually every big turbo power level between 275 hp and 550 hp, and setups have been developed for each level. 

If you want to dune or desert run your X3 but also dabble with drag racing from time to time, the EVP STM Maverick X3 Duner Kit is perfect for you. With a 2800-3000 RPM engagement, this kit delivers big turbo boosting capabilities combined with soft engagement for hardcore duning, desert running or family rides. 

  • 4WCP Rage 4 Primary Clutch
  • 60-gram Weights
  • Black Spring
  • Engagement 2800-3000 RPM

If you’re looking to put power to the ground right off the line for bragging rights with your buddies or pure podium domination, the EVP STM Maverick Drag Kit is ideal for you. This setup features higher engagement with plenty of adjustability for cars and drivers who cut their teeth on the drag strip.

  • 4WCP Rage 4 Primary Clutch
  • 60-gram Notched Weights
  • Black Spring
  • Engagement 3500-4000 RPM


If you’re looking for the ultimate race-ready kit for high-horsepower monsters, look no further than the EVP STM Maverick Race Kit. This kit includes the STM Tuner Secondary Clutch plus EVP X3 Scatter Shield, and it’s calibrated for extreme power to the ground to put you in front and keep you in front.

  • HD-DR Rage 4 Primary Clutch
  • HD 60-gram Notched Weights & Spring
  • Tuner Secondary Clutch
  • Helix & Spring
  • Clutch Support Brace
  • EVP Scatter Shield
  • Engagement 4500-5000 RPM