RPM Can Am Maverick X3 FULL 3" Chambered Q-Series Turbo Back Exhaust System

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X3 FULL 3" Chambered Q-Series Exhaust System
Introducing the quietest fee flowing X3 exhaust on the market! This is a full 3" system that utilizes first a 3" mid pipe with 12" resonator that mates using a supplied stainless V-Band to our newest addition, the X3 Chambered Muffler! This is a mechanically chambered muffler that uses no packing for sound deadening. it instead uses a series of uniquely designed chambered and baffle plates to sound deaden while not restricting the needed CFM and exhaust velocity the X3 platforms calls for. At WOT our mufflers are designed to load the chambers with exhaust flow and overflow CFM to the pass through chambers which will allow exhaust to more freely flow through when needed. With the throttle closed and drastically less exhaust flow, the exhaust will then return to flowing through the baffles and mechanical chambers providing a deep quiet sound. Essentially this is a nearly stock sounding exhaust that has the capabilities to flow enough CFM for BIG tunes and turbo upgrades! The mufflers internals are fully welded to provide absolute most durable construction. The muffler utilizes the OEM tip or add one of RPM's unique colored tips! Using the stock tip allows the factory rear fascia to be used or remove it to expose the art work! 

Fits All Years & Models of 2 & 4 Seat Turbo Can Am X3's

  • Mechanically chambered muffler
  • Full 3" system
  • V-Band Mounted
  • Includes RPM Turbo -> Mid Pipe HD V-Band clamp
  • Fits Stock Rear Fascia
  • Includes All Bracketry & Hardware
  • Complete System = 22.8 LBS