Can Am Defender 1000 Tapp Primary Clutch Kit By Evp.Mode

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EVP has developed, tested, and fine-tuned the perfect TAPP primary clutch calibration for Can Am Defenders that delivers bolt-on performance and responsiveness you will feel at first pull. Faster acceleration, higher top speeds, amazing zero to 40 mph pulls holding higher RPMs over stock, and virtually no clutch chatter — all standard-issue upgrades of an EVP.MOde Spec TAPP Primary Clutch for Can Am Defenders.


Calibrated for use with the bone-stock secondary clutch, additional TAPP Clutch features include cooler operating temperatures to extend clutch and belt life, responsive power put down via excellent belt grip, and easily adjustable weight profiles that allow your TAPP to evolve as your Defender’s power level evolves. From trail riding and navigating technical terrain to hauling, plowing or casually cruising, you’re guaranteed to feel the difference an EVP.MOde Spec TAPP primary clutch makes.



  • DURABLE PERFORMANCE: TAPP clutches are built from billet aluminum and other high-tech materials that can withstand extreme heat and extend clutch life, so you can spend more time riding and less time in the shop. EVP has used TAPP clutches on our all-out drag race Can Am X3 and Polaris XPT vehicles with very high engagement launches without failure. The OEM primary clutch is reliable up to about 300 hp, but an EVP Spec TAPP primary can easily handle anything from 200-500+ hp and all terrain and riding styles - drag race, duning, trail riding, rock crawling, short course and desert racing - all with the unrivaled quality, durability and performance expected out of a TAPP Clutch.
  • ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE: TAPP clutches are a game-changer when it comes to tuning and adjustability, allowing your clutch to easily evolve as your UTV's power level evolves. The two-sided ramps are swapped in minutes with just an Allen wrench. The clickers are adjusted externally, which can raise or lower the entire shift pattern easily. The roller arms allow mass to be added or removed by removing the clutch cover, and there are a variety of TAPP and EVP primary springs available for fine-tuning. Lastly, the TAPP clutch is also extremely forgiving, allowing a wide variety of helix angles to work with a given primary clutch calibration.
  • COOLER TEMPS: TAPP primary clutches run cooler than any clutch on the market. High-tech materials, extensive venting for optimum airflow, and cooler belt temperatures thanks to the multi-angle curved sheaves all contribute to extending belt and overall clutch life—even under the most demanding abuse.
  • INSTANT THROTTLE RESPONSE: TAPP primary clutches are intended for customers that demand responsiveness and durability from their CVT drive system whether their UTV is relatively stock or all-out big turbo drag race trim. The centralized mass and lightweight, low-inertia design coupled with multi-angled curved sheaves and custom ramp angles deliver unbeatable belt grip, instantaneous throttle response and surefire power to the ground.
  • SMOOTH, QUIET OPERATION: The arms don’t “swing out” like a traditional flyweight but instead ride on a ramp system, which allows the clutch to be remarkably smooth and perform with minimal vibration. You will feel and hear the difference.


Disclaimer: EVP only offers Tech Support for EVP.MOde Spec TAPP clutches purchased directly from EVP. All EVP Calibrated Tapp Clutch primaries may require minor calibration changes. If you need tuning support, please reference our instructions page or contact our technical department. 


Defender Tapp Primary Clutch Assembly, Recommended with Stage 1-3, 2300RPM Engagement, OEM Secondary