AGM Jack Rod

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You can be seriously injured or even die if your floor jack seals fail while working on your car (it happens more than you think). Many people use jack stands, but on high-end floors, for quick repairs, road side work or newer vehicles with only 4 lift points this isn't an option. The JACKROD is a simple tool that supports your floor jack so you can work safely. Turn your floor jack into a jack stand with the JACK ROD. Now you can work safer and faster. 

So how's it work? The JACK ROD extends into place with the push of a lever, locking your Jack at the height you need. When you are done, its small enough to store in a drawer or glove box. Not something you can do with a traditional jack stand.  jack stand. 

Meet the JACK ROD

  • 2 tons max load
  • 8 inches compressed length
  • 14 inches extended length
  • 3.2 pounds
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Compact tool that supports your floor jack in case of failure
  • Creates a safe working environment to prevent serious injury or death
  • Patent No. 11,505,440

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