2023 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo 135 Hp Bench Flash Power Pack With Intercooler

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EVP DISCLAIMER: Please note that all 2023 X3 Turbo models (135 HP) use the new MG1 ECU. All MG1 ECU’s must be removed from the vehicle and sent to our Wisconsin headquarters for the Unlock Service, Diagnostic Port Power Flash, and ECU Power Flash. After the unlock has been performed, all future tune upgrades/changes can be done using an EVP CodeShooter flashing device (sold separately).

With up to 90 HP increase on E-85, this is the ULTIMATE X3 Turbo 135 Power Pack!

Can-Am welcomed back one of the industry’s best horsepower-per-dollar values for 2023 in the base model Maverick X3 Turbo. The newest iteration is equipped with a larger turbocharger, Turbo RR injectors, the potent new MG1 ECU, and a notable 15 horsepower bump over its predecessor (now rated at 135 HP stock). 

Despite these updates for 2023, the stock ECU calibration still limits the overall “fun factor,” drivability, and performance of the 135 HP Turbo. After thorough testing in the Dyno Lab and pushing the base model to its max on the EVP testing grounds, we’ve unleashed its untapped potential with an all-new X3 135 Intercooled Power Pack and ECU flash that transforms the base model into a completely different animal packed with Turbo RR power! 

Immediately notice massive power gains, higher rev and speed limiters, plus optimized power delivery, boost and throttle response for a complete overhaul when it comes to acceleration and quickness. All this and MUCH more together create the most refined, responsive, and potent tuning package available for the 2023 X3 Turbo. Period.


  • Significantly improved power delivery, throttle response, and overall performance
  • Raised Low and High Gear Rev Limits (8300 RPM stock to 9300 RPM)
  • Removed speed limiters for higher top speeds
  • TQ limits removed in high and low gear
  • Improved boost response and pressure
  • Race start enabled (no-brake start)
  • Engine cooling fan on/off temps optimized
  • Compatible with OEM catalytic converter and muffler


  • X3 OEM Intercooler w/ Fan
  • EVP Intercooler Fan Control Harness
  • EVP Silicone Charge Tube (Black, Blue, Manta Green, Orange, or Red)
  • EVP X3 Turbo Intercooled Tuning Package (Stock or Big Injector)
  • EVP 2023 X3 ECU Unlock Service & Diagnostic Port Power Flash
  • BIG INJECTOR KIT ONLY: EVP Wastegate, Big Injectors, and Injector Adapters


X3 Turbo 135 HP Bench Flash Power Pack With Intercooler