2021-2023 Maverick X3 195 Hp Turbo Rr Ecu Unlock & Power Flash

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With our exclusive EVP ECU Unlock Service, Late Model 2021 and 2022 X3RR tuning is now available! 

As most know, the late model 2021 and all 2022 RR ECU’s have the latest generation encryption/anti-tuning security. Bosch has incorporated a 2048 RSA encryption key which is not able to be cracked at this time. Rather than trying to resolve the encryption key directly, the engineers at Evolution Powersports attacked the security module which is responsible for verifying the RSA key. It took nearly a year, but through our hard work and dedication we developed a solution that allows us to unlock the post October 2020 MG1C ECUs. Once unlocked with our proprietary process, the ECU is able to be tuned via Bench Flash just like the early model 2021 X3RR vehicles.

Due to the hands-on proprietary process, initially there is LIMITED AVAILABILITY for this unlock service. We are only able to process a select number of ECU’s in our WI facility at a time due to the labor-intensive nature of the unlocking procedure. The entire process can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks after the ECU is received in WI. As we streamline this ECU Unlock process further, we will be able handle a larger volume of ECU's with shorter lead times.

The late model 2021+ X3 Turbo RR unlock service is handled differently than our previous Send-In Bench ECU Flash process. We are now booking appointments and your ECU cannot be sent in until your appointment is available. Our friendly staff will reach out to you directly when we are ready to receive your ECU.

Our EVP ECU Unlock service is currently the quickest (and only) way to tune the late model '21/'22 X3RR MG1C ECU's.

*EVP DISCLAIMER: The Turbo RR MG1C ECU Unlock Service takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete after we receive your ECU in Wisconsin. Expect to be without your ECU for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Any customers with Early Model (Pre Oct 2020) ECU’s that were previously found to be locked after shipping us your ECU, please select Late Model (Post Nov 2020)


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