2020 Can Am Maverick X3 195 Hp Turbo Rr Ecu Power Flash

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Tune Features:

  • Revised intercooler fan settings - Makes the OEM intercooler far more effective!
  • Left foot braking enabled for 2 foot operation
  • Improved boost response / low to midrange power improvements
  • Speed limits raised / TQ limits removed in Low & High Gear
  • Low & High Gear rev limit increased from 8300 to 9000 RPM
  • Speed limiter raised
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved) - Linear throttle rather than the lazy pedal the factory has programmed
  • Radiator cooling fan triggered sooner to keep coolant temperature in check on hot days and long pulls
  • Race Start – No need to press the brake to start vehicle
  • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed
  • Wheel Dyno Tested - Engine Dyno TestedHigh Elevation Tested - Glamis / Dumont Extreme Heat Tested
  • More Boost!
  • Industry exclusive 2-Step Launch Control available!

Big Injector Stage Tune Details:
For all Stage 4 Tunes and higher (22+ lbs of boost), we highly recommend our Plenum Reinforcement Brace or Torrent-F Intake Plenum!

Stage 4 X100 and Stage 5 E85Make 245 Crank HP!

These tunes are extremely potent and refined, and do not need any additional hardware except for our EVP Big Injectors and Adapter Harnesses

Clutching highly recommended

Stage 5 X85
This tune is on an entirely different level - Making nearly 27 lbs of boost at sea level and 255 crank horsepower! That's about the same power level as our 2017-2019 Stage 6 Big Turbo kit!

Requires our direct-replacement Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit and Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness Relay. The OEM fuel pump is a very low capacity, low pressure 155 liter per hour pump, which is not capable of supplying enough fuel for the X85 upgrade at 27 lbs of boost. Our pump is a 265 liter per hour, high pressure pump that is used in our Big Turbo Systems.

Note: Due to the limitations of the factory 2020RR turbocharger, all rated boost pressures are at sea level and modest air temperatures.