2018+ Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo Base Model Without Intercooler Silicone Charge Tube

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The OEM tube is flimsy and susceptible to splitting under high boost. It also eliminates any chance of adding a much-needed BOV/BRV to prevent compressor surge and loss in performance and throttle response when the throttle closes then reopens at speed. Not only do EVP’s Silicone Charge Tubes include a 1” BOV port, but they also deliver six-layer, reinforced, burst-proof protection with a side of eye candy – and now they’re available for 2018+ non-intercooled X3 Turbo base models!

EVP silicone charge tubes can support over 80psi of boost and include quality T-Bolt clamps for a leak-proof connection. Additional features include:

  • Included billet anodized block-off plug if not running a BOV
  • Integrated 1” port for BOV* to help eliminate compressor surge, plus significantly improve throttle response and turbo lifespan
    (*Only compatible with EVP Maverick X3 Turbo Base Model BOV Kit)
  • Five-ply, reinforced silicone charge tube; a burst-proof direct replacement for the flimsy OEM tube
  • Offered in Black, Blue or Red color options
  • Compatible with all Maverick X3 Turbo base models WITHOUT intercooler (2018-'22 120HP and 2023 135HP models)