EVP 2013-2018 Can AM Maverick 1000r Ecu Power Flash

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Evolution Powersports has released its long anticipated Can Am Maverick 1000 ECU Programming. Besides the huge horsepower gains we realize through timing, fueling, torque limit modifications and other ECU parameters, the driveability of the vehicle is greatly enhanced!!
  • Expect up to 8HP gain over stock with supporting mods (exhaust & clutching)
  • Rev Limiters set at 8550 RPMS
  • Speed / TQ limits removed in Low Gear.
  • Now Low Gear revs to 8550 (7200 Stock)
  • Speed / TQ limits removed in High Gear
  • Now High Gear revs to 8550 (8000 Stock)
  • Engine Speed TQ Limiters removed (“Shaft Saver delete”)
  • V-Max Removed (Removed vehicle speed limiters)
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved)100% throttle in all Modes (If Desired)
  • Improved ignition timing advance optimized for 91 Octane for maximum power
  • Fueling adjusted for aftermarket components (intakes, exhausts and cat deletes) for optimal Air/Fuel Ratios