2-Step Launch Control Upgrade (2017-2021 Can Am Maverick X3)

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*Excluding 2021 X3 RR Model - COMING SOON!

Beat your buddies off the line! 

An incredible advantage in racing situations, our Launch Control provides about a 2 car-length lead right from the holeshot vs a non-launch equipped vehicle.

Build boost from a standstill without engaging the belt. To engage, step on the brake and apply full throttle. This is when the magic happens – you have a rev limit at either 2300 or 2600 RPMs, retarded ignition and added fuel. The engine starts to pop and backfire while you watch your boost gauge climb from vacuum to up to 8lbs of boost* in about 3 seconds. As soon as you release the brake, it's like being shot out of a cannon and you've launched your way to glory!

Our launch control integrating into the factory ECU is another example of how committed EVP is to developing innovative and industry leading products and tuning solutions for riders. We continue to push the performance envelope and provide products that dominate in the sand, dirt and racetrack. This software upgrade is only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning company ECU flashes. Note RPM programming choice (2300 or 2600RPM) within the Note section on Shopping Cart.

*Big Turbos, higher elevations and hot, humid temperatures will reduce the boost you can make at a given RPM.

Note your RPM programming choice (2300 or 2600RPM) within the Note section on Shopping Cart.

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*Excluding 2021 X3 RR Model - COMING SOON!